Your SmartWater Pack - Protects 51-250 Linear Metres

Original RRP: £449.99

Ecclesiastical Price:


  • Inside the Pack:
  • 1 x 200ml SmartTrace forensic liquid, with spray bottle, brushes and application instructions
  • 4 x A5 size weather resistant deterrent signs
  • 4 x large double sided interior window deterrent labels (115x135mm)
  • 5 x small interior window deterrent labels (68x76mm)
  • 10 x large weather resistant deterrent labels (115x135mm)
  • 54 x KC020 (Peel and tamper proof resistant label 20mm)
  • 40 x KC096 (Self laminating wire and cable marker)
Application methods: 

  •  ¼ Brush-8,000 marks 5cm
  • ½ Brush –250 linear metres(continuous line)
  • Spray (stream setting)-50m2or 250 linear metres
  • Spray (spray setting) –142m2or 200 linear metres

*Ecclesiastical also covers the annual licence fee that SmartWater normally attracts, as long as you remain insured with them, you will also be covered for the following:

  • Database registration of the unique forensic code together with the Church’s address details on SmartWater’s secure ISO27001 accredited database.
  • The right to display SmartWater THIEVES BEWARE® deterrent signage in and around the Church.
  • Free forensic analysis at SmartWater’s IS017025 accredited laboratory of stolen items / metal recovered by police to conclusively prove ownership.
  • SmartWater expert witnesses to attend Court on the Church’s behalf to support criminal prosecutions and the recovery of stolen property by police if the Church experiences a theft.


SmartWater Pack - Protects 1-50 Linear Metres

Original RRP: £210.00

Ecclesiastical Price: £81.00

SmartWater pack - Protects 251-625 Linear Metres

Original RRP: £650.00

Ecclesiastical Price: £321.00

SmartWater for Internal Church Items Only

Ecclesiastical Price: £48.00

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