Catalytic Converter Security Pack


Each bottle contains enough liquid to mark one catalytic converter.

During recent months, there has been a sharp increase in the severity of motor theft claims. The increase has been driven by the widely reported resurgence in catalytic converter thefts.

SmartWater SmartTraceTM is now available in a High Temperature version, designed to withstand the extremes of heat catalytic converters operate under, and provides a new tool in the armoury against cat thieves.

SmartTrace’s ability to link items back to their owner will render any assets marked with SmartTraceTM worthless to criminals and significantly reduce your risk of theft.

Simply apply small amount of SmartTraceTM forensic liquid to your Catalytic Converter for instant protection. Placement of supplied SmartWater THIEVES BEWARE deterrent signs and labels will then let thieves know what they’re up against.

Product details:

→ Contains a unique forensic code
→ Makes catalytic converters traceable back to the vehicle
→ Easy to apply
→ Near invisible to the naked eye
→ Near impossible to remove
→ Glows SmartWater’s trademarked bright yellow-green under UV light


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