Protect Your Vehicle

Each bottle contains enough SmartTrace™ forensic liquid to mark one  vehicle.

Sophisticated thieves can bypass locks and immobilisers but will find SmartTrace™ altogether more challenging. This is because the liquid is highly durable, can be used to mark multiple components and is a versatile crime deterrent that can be used on cars, motorcycles, scooters, quad bikes, marine craft, caravans and trailers.

Simply apply small amount of SmartTrace™ forensic liquid to your vehicle’s most valuable components to provide robust protection, that provides traceability even if the vehicle is broken down for parts. Placement of SmartWater THIEVES BEWARE deterrent signs and labels will then let thieves know what they’re up against.

→ Contains a unique forensic code
→ Makes a vehicle traceable back to the individual, even if broken down for parts
→ Easy to apply
→ Near invisible to the naked eye
→ Near impossible to remove
→ Glows SmartWater’s trademarked bright yellow-green under UV light

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Our Latest Innovation

SmartWater® SmartTagTM

Compact, easy to use identification spray to deter and prevent personal attack and threatening behaviour.
  • Powerful deterrent
  • High-performance range - 8-10 metre range
  • Market leader in forensic liquid technology