SmartWater forensic marking liquid is invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen under the light of an ultraviolet (UV) torch. For business and domestic use, UV torches are a superb way to verify that SmartWater is still present on the products or surfaces that were originally marked. SmartWater is guaranteed to last for a minimum of five years and could last longer depending on the environment. For law enforcement, UV torches can very quickly tell officers whether a stolen item is marked with SmartWater. The police can then take the appropriate steps, with our help, to reunite the stolen goods with their owner.

The range of torches that SmartWater stock can be found below.

  • Accessories

    Lumos Defender Torch

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    Product Description:

    The Defender Lumos Mini Pro-Trace UV Torch is the ultimate solution for professional UV detection requirements.

    Forming part of the UK Police Issue Defender Lumos family, the Mini Pro-Trace combines outstanding performance with a compact, lightweight design to deliver the best value for money device on the market.

    Includes: 1 x Defender Lumos Mini Pro-Trace UV Torch, 1 x Wrist Strap, 1 x Holster (vest attachable and molle compatible), 1 x Instruction Sheet

  • Product Description:
    Length: 12.8cm
    Diameter: 1.38cm
    Weight: 26.1g (excl. batteries)

    2x AAA batteries, pocket clip, gift tin & spare ‘o’ rings

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Our Latest Innovation

SmartWater® SmartTagTM

Compact, easy to use identification spray to deter and prevent personal attack and threatening behaviour.
  • Powerful deterrent
  • High-performance range - 8-10 metre range
  • Market leader in forensic liquid technology