1. Angling Security Pack (Membership)

    Per Year Free Delivery
    Angling Security Pack (Membership)

    Product Description:
    Robust, forensic protection capable of protecting 30 items of fishing tackle and equipment, including rods, reels, tackle boxes and ancillaries. Supplied with deterrent signage. Endorsed by the Angling Trust. 

    Please note:
    For residential use only. We wil require the PROTECTED ADDRESS where your SmartWater pack will be used prior to payment.

  2. Bicycle Security Pack (Membership)

    Per Year Free Delivery
    Bicycle Security Pack (Membership)

    Product Description:
    Robust SmartWater® forensic marking system capable of protecting around 25 bicycle components, such as front forks, suspension, wheels, handlebars and much more. Supplied with SmartWater’s THIEVES BEWARE® deterrent signage.

    Please note:
    We require details of the BICYCLE YOU WISH TO PROTECT prior to processing payment.

  • “SmartWater is a brilliant idea. I feel that my belongings are safer.”

    Karen, West Glamorgan

  • “The product is fit for purpose and easy to use, I'm a satisfied customer.”

    Christopher, Nottingham

  • “Fantastic product providing a high chance of property recovery if a loss event occurs.”

    David, Oxfordshire

  • “It’s a fantastic idea and is actually very reassuring to know that we have the SmartWater kit and can mark any valuables with it.”

    Janet, Derbyshire

  • “Excellent customer service from my initial contact to delivery.”

    Vivian, Liverpool

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