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Why is SmartWater sold on a membership basis?-

By signing up to SmartWater you are not just purchasing a traceable liquid product, you are becoming a member of SmartWater’s deterrent network. On your behalf, SmartWater Investigators will partner with the police on year-round strategies to put pressure on thieves and handlers of stolen goods. This includes raids, ‘stop and search’ checks for SmartWater marked property, covert operations against persistent criminals, crime mapping and TV advertising aimed at criminals. Only by continuously carrying out this work is it possible to ensure SmartWater remains a potent criminal deterrent.

Why do I need a separate membership for my vehicle / boat?+

Why can I only register my bottle of SmartWater to one address?+

How long will my order take to arrive?+

What happens if I’m not fully satisfied with my SmartWater Pack?+

Are insurance discounts available?+

Is SmartWater easy to apply?+

How long will SmartWater last?+

Do I need to let SmartWater know which items I have marked?+

Can I purchase additional supplies of traceable liquid and THIEVES BEWARE® deterrent stickers?+

I have moved house, what do I need to do?+

I have changed my vehicle, what do I need to do?+

What happens if I sell an item that I have marked with SmartWater?+

What should I do if I am unfortunate enough to be burgled?+

What happens if I wish to dis-continue my membership?+

  • “SmartWater is a brilliant idea. I feel that my belongings are safer.”

    Karen, West Glamorgan

  • “The product is fit for purpose and easy to use, I'm a satisfied customer.”

    Christopher, Nottingham

  • “Fantastic product providing a high chance of property recovery if a loss event occurs.”

    David, Oxfordshire

  • “It’s a fantastic idea and is actually very reassuring to know that we have the SmartWater kit and can mark any valuables with it.”

    Janet, Derbyshire

  • “Excellent customer service from my initial contact to delivery.”

    Vivian, Liverpool

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