SmartWater® EXCLUSIVE offer for ExtraCover Insurance Policy Holders

SmartWater® have teamed up with ExtraCover Insurance, the countries leading cricket club insurance scheme which is also supported by the ECB, to offer discounted SmartWater protection to their policyholders.

With the number of thefts of grounds machinery and burglaries at cricket clubs on the rise, this is the perfect opportunity to enhance your club security with, arguably, the UK’s leading crime deterrent.

SmartWater is the ideal security solution for your club because it is simple to use, requires no maintenance and will last for many years. For instant protection, all you need do is apply a small dab of SmartWater® forensic liquid to your equipment and affix your deterrent labels. That’s it you’re done.

To take advantage of this exclusive offer and to order your SMARTWATER pack, enter the name of your cricket club and click “REDEEM COUPON”.

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Our Latest Innovation

SmartWater® SmartTagTM

Compact, easy to use identification spray to deter and prevent personal attack and threatening behaviour.
  • Powerful deterrent
  • High-performance range - 8-10 metre range
  • Market leader in forensic liquid technology