Whether you are looking to protect stock, company assets, infrastructure, or other valuables, we offer a crime fighting solution ideal for your business.

Contact our Customer Services team on 0333 320 7797 for all enquiries relating to:

  • Risk management solutions
  • Asset Protection for your business
  • SmartWater's forensic spray system
  • Catalytic Converter Protection
  • Fleet vehicle protection

We will put together the most cost effective package for your business, ensuring you have suitable signage and SmartWater forensic solution to protect your site(s).

Fully supported service:

For larger corporations and infrastructure provides we offer a full risk management service to help combat crimes ranging from robbery and out of hours burglary, to pilferage and metal theft. This package can include:

  • Support from our team of former police officers and special forces personnel
  • Targeted campaigns against handlers and receivers of stolen goods
  • The integrated use of multiple SmartWater products, including forensic property markers and spray systems
  • Covert operations targeting 'persistent criminals'
  • Control room operations to identify crime trends and hotspots
  • 24/7 support for local police forces to heighten criminal awareness of SmartWater in your area.


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  • “SmartWater is a brilliant idea. I feel that my belongings are safer.”

    Karen, West Glamorgan

  • “The product is fit for purpose and easy to use, I'm a satisfied customer.”

    Christopher, Nottingham

  • “Fantastic product providing a high chance of property recovery if a loss event occurs.”

    David, Oxfordshire

  • “It’s a fantastic idea and is actually very reassuring to know that we have the SmartWater kit and can mark any valuables with it.”

    Janet, Derbyshire

  • “Excellent customer service from my initial contact to delivery.”

    Vivian, Liverpool

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